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Our experience stands for our professionalism. Learn more about our team of professionals always ready to serve you.
Real Estate Agency employee - Danuta Talarczyk-Scheller

Danuta Talarczyk-Scheller

Licensed realtor no. 109 co-owner of the company.

Has served as the board member of WSPON between 2000-2002 and in 2004-2008 as the deputy CEO of Nieruchomista.pl Consortium. Since 2009 – elected as it’s CEO. Mrs. Talarczyk-Scheller was also the member of the Examination Board for Realtor License at the Ministry of Infrastructure. Decorated with the Golden Medal of PREF and the Golden Medal of WSPON. Danuta Talarczyk-Scheller cooperates with the University of Economic Studies in Poznan in the field of realty market.

Loves dogs, sun and music.

Real Estate Agency employee - Aleksander Scheller

Aleksander Scheller

was the cofounder and the first CEO of Nieruchomista.pl Consortium (1996-1998), the CEO of Greater Poland’s Association of Realtors (2002-2006), the member of Professional Responsibility Committee to Minister of Infrastructure (2002-2005). Between 2004-2006 Mr. Scheller was the board member of PREF and between 2006-2010 – the President of PREF. Mr. Scheller was decorated with the Golden Medal of WSPON for his outstanding achievements and successes in realty industry. Mr Scheller is a lecturer at the Poznan School of Economics and Adam Mickiewicz University; Serves as the expert witness for Poznan judiciary. He is a consultant for TV Biznes and Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka and Rzeczpospolita (nationwide newspapers).

In summertime he loves to jog, in wintertime – skis. All year round though, he loves to bike.

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